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Frozen Windshields In Texas Hate Boiling Hot Water!

Texas does not see a whole lot of ice or snow. So it is understandable that people

with good intentions can forget that hot water plus frozen glass can equal broken glass.

I have learned all too well from my years at Austin Windshields to never thaw out

windshields this way. Invest in a cheap plastic scraper (never use metal spatulas) and

your windshield will thank you. Any microscopic chips or dings that you did not even

know were there could easily crack out when the hot water meets the cold glass. If you

notice chips that need repairing, call a reputable company to come out to you and do a

windshield chip repair before it splits on you.



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Austin Auto Glass Repair Pizza Promo Over

We would like to thank all of Austin for it’s support. Our free pizza promo was a big success, but sadly it is now over. We still provide Austin, TX with fast friendly auto glass repair and replacement services.

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Auto Glass Repair Or Replace?

How do you know if your windshield qualifies for auto glass chip repair or not. The answer is easy. If you can cover up the damage with a quarter, then the chip is repairable. The only exception is if the chip is in the drivers line of vision. The line of vision is most easily describes as a medium sized pizza box directly in front of the drivers face. If the chip is in that box then the chip is lawfully unable to be repaired. Even if you do get a shop to repair that chip illegally, it will not pass inspection if it is in the drivers eye line. I get many questions about whether or not a chip repair will be invisible or not after it is completed. The answer is simple, NOT USUALLY. While it is true that some very tiny chip repairs will turn out virtually invisible, these are the exception and not the rule. Chips are usually drilled out and filled with resin and then cured under UV light. This process is designed to keep the damage minimal and prevent the chip from spreading, not to magically make the chip dissolve away. The resin is made of a different material than the glass and will actually begin to change color slightly over the years as it reacts with the elements and will sometimes even yellow a bit over time.

Chip repairs are a wonderful way to save money and extend the life of your windshield. If a perfect clear and clean blemish free windshield is what you are after then definitely opt for the replacement choice. make sure you ask for OEM auto glass like what is used at Austin Windshields and your glass will look as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

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Austin Windshields

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Auto Glass Registration Stickers

These can be a concern when you get your windshield replaced. Probably the most asked question when booking an appointment is “What do you do with my registration stickers?” Well it is easy, we razor them gently off of your old windshield and replace them on the new glass. They usually come off very easy and look as good as new. auto glass austin, tx

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Austin Windshields Twitter Page

join us here.

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Austin windshields press release

Find our press release from last year here.

Austin Windshields Press

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Our New Name

Hello Austin,

We have a new name. We are now Austin Windshields instead of Genuine Auto Glass. We still provide the same great service and quality as before. All work done by the older name of Genuine Auto Glass is still as always 100% guaranteed against leaks with Austin Windshields. The only thing that has changed is the name. We welcome all of our customers and potential customers or even anyone who has a question that needs answering to feel free and log in and blog away. Thank you so very much Austin for all of your continued support.

J Allen Hudson
Austin Windshields

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